Fresh Imported Meat Delivered Next Day All Over China. 全国配送次日达!


World-Class Protein Delivered in 24-Hour… No Matter Where You Live. 世界级的新鲜肉食次日送货到府!


Dear Home Chefs,



Here at Swiss Butchery, we’re celebrating.

近日,Swiss Butchery有喜事啦!


Why? Because you no longer need to be in Shanghai to taste our world-class meat. As of right now, we are able to offer next-day delivery across all major cities in China.



What Product Do We Offer? 我们的产品

We offer a wide variety of high quality meat and home-made speciality products like sausages, hams, and pates. The vast majority of our meat is freshly imported ensuring the most tender and tasteful product you will find in China.



How? 我们的物流

Thanks to our awesome 100% cold chain solution, we ensure that the meats you order will arrive the next day in pristine condition. No ifs, no buts, just delicious protein ready to be grilled, roasted, or even sous vided…



The Nitty Gritty 关于运输

What is a cold chain solution’? This term basically means that the meat you order is kept at a stable temperature during its journey.



Via our delivery partner Shun Feng Express, widely recognized as having among the most reliable and fastest services in China, we are able to guarantee our meat arrives chilled at your doorstep. All you need to do is make sure somebody is there to receive it.



What’s more, if the order is over RMB600 – delivery is free! If under RMB600, the cost is just RMB50.



And did we mention that you can keen an eye your delivery from the moment it leaves our warehouse, via SF Express’ integrated tracking system?



Ice, Ice Baby  关于包装

After 6 months of testing cold supply chain services at different temperatures, we identified a solution consisting of Styrofoam, two layers of insulation materials, and dry ice gel packs. This combination is proven to maximally keep meat fresh and chilled within 36 hours.  . What’s more, we individually vacuum pack our products for maximum food safety.



Why is This Important to Us?  我们的经验

For over 100 years, Swiss Butchery has been at the forefront of European meat expertise. Since the beginning of our journey in Asia, we’ve invested heavily in chilled airfreight, storage, and logistics, with the aim of bringing world-class quality to meat lovers all over China.

Now, our hard work is paying off, because we offer something that most other services cannot: safety- and quality-guaranteed meat delivered to 1,300 cities within 24 hours.

传承百年品牌经典,Swiss Butchery一直是欧洲肉食的领军人物。如今,我们希望把这份经典传递给亚洲的消费者们。因此,我们在空运、冷藏和冷链运输上注入了大量的投资。结合Swiss Butchery的丰富经验,这使得我们能在24小时内将新鲜的美味肉食速递至全国1300个城市。


To our loyal customers in Shanghai, thank you for your patronage. Help us spread the word to your home cooking friends and foodies across China!