We at Swiss Butchery take Food Safety very seriously. We work hard to implement and ensure the highest levels of food safety standards are met from the Farm to you. At Swiss Butchery we don’t just talk about Food safety we do something about it. 

Food Safety Chain

The food safety chain starts right from the farm and ends once it is on the plate of the customer.

  • To ensure finest quality and maximum food safety we:

o   Source our Beef directly from the most reputable Abattoirs in Australia

  • We careful select all of our overseas suppliers and only collaborate local suppliers in China who also adhere to high food safety standards.
  • Ensuring that the cold chain of food supply is never broken by maintaining our own logistics operations:

o   This starts with clearing of meat and food products from Shanghai Airport

o   Transport of products using temperature controlled chiller lorries

o   Storage of products in closely monitored chill rooms

o   Sale of cooler bags for clients to transport products back home

o   Advice clients on the proper storage and handling of their products, additional storage and handling information is available on our website

o   Regular external audit of our quality and safety conditions and processes by a German master Butcher and TUEV certified quality inspector

  • All Processes are implemented on food safety and hygiene based on German law for meat handling and staff is instructed accordingly
  • Color coding of cutting boards and knives to prevent cross contamination
  • Sterilizing all cutting boards, knives, trays and plastic boxes that come into contact with meat using food safe chemicals and washing with a minimum of 80°C water
  • Incorporate and adhere to certifications such as Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) and to ensure a systematic approach to food safety and quality
  • Adherence to Chinese food regulations and laws.

Do you have any questions regarding food safety? Phone us anytime: (+86) 021 5223 7301


In addition to our permanent staff we have and had the great pleasure and honor to work with some great people to consult and help us during our setup as well and continuously externally audit us. To ensure we are not getting lazy and are continuously improving our standards we are working together with a TUEV certified German master Butcher and university lecturer to audit our processes across all relevant sector (e.g. Hygiene, product quality, etc). To learn from the best we also have one Guest Butcher a year that help and teach us for one week to be that one step ahead

This unique combination of expertise and passion for excellence ensures consistent high quality in the meat selection and cuts as well as the most authentic taste in our products.

在Swiss Butchery,食品安全是我们工作的重中之重。我们一直遵守高标准的食品安全规范,以确保产品能从原产地安全地到达消费者的手中。对于食品安全问题,我们不仅仅只是纸上谈兵,而是将其落实到我们日常工作中的点点滴滴。

• 为了保证高品质的食品标准和最大程度地保障食品安全,我们做到:

• 我们从澳大利亚最有信誉度的屠宰场直接进口牛肉。
• 我们精挑细选海外供应商,并且只和信誉度高的本地供应商合作
• 我们只用自己的物流系统,严格把食品供应链的安全。
• 我们对进口产品的严格监管从上海机场产品清关开始
• 我们选用具有温控设备的货车运输产品
• 我们提供冰袋,方便客户将新鲜食材带回家
• 消费者可以很容易地在我们的官方网站上找到相关产品的储存方法和美食烹饪方法。
• 所有和肉食有接触的砧板,刀具,碗碟,塑料盒等相关器具都会在至少80℃以上的热水中(含安全的洗涤剂)进行消毒灭菌处理。
• 我们还积极参与各类专业的食品认证体系,比如美国的HACCP认证(危害分析和关键控制点),用全面系统的方法来保证食品的质量和安全。
• 严格遵守中国食品安全法规

如果,您还有其他有关食品安全方面的问题,可电话联系我们:(+86) 021 5223 7301


在Swiss Butchery,这种专业与激情的完美结合确保了我们从肉类选择到切分工艺,再到品质口感都做到尽善尽美。

传承百年瑞士匠心,Swiss Butchery致力于带给中国消费者世界一流的肉食消费体验。我们从可持续发展的本地绿色农场和享有盛誉的澳大利亚屠宰场直接采购,以保证产品供应链的可追溯性。我们有专业的瑞士主厨、严格的卫生品控制度,另有多样化、高品质的新鲜肉食产品,这些都将为您带来不同凡响的美食体验之旅。