What Guides us – The Swiss Butchery Experience

Our Mission. At Swiss Butchery, we aim at bringing you a world-class meat experience that is comparable or better than home, by offering a wide variety of fresh, high-quality meats, cut with excellence by our Swiss butchers under the most stringent Hygiene Standards.

Our Principles. As per Swiss standards, we always strive for excellence and we rely on 4 key principles: uncompromising quality, top-notch customer service, delicious taste & impeccable hygiene.

Our Sourcing. We source our meat from the best sustainable farms and most reputable Australian abattoirs, overlooking the whole supply chain.

Our Skills. As Swiss Butchers, cutting the meat is an art, we do it with the utmost technique and discipline. We make in house our gourmet sausages, roastbeef, cordon bleu, meatloaf & much more with premium ingredients and based on our awarded recipes from Switzerland.

Our Experience. We take pride in our heritage and extensive knowledge, as all our staff has a background as a Chef or Butcher, ensuring service with unparalleled knowledge in Food Retailing in China. We will tell you what are the cooking techniques that best bring the meat flavor and tenderness to any meat cut you choose.

Not only a Butchery. We’re also a DELICATESSEN offering Italian hams, European cheeses, imported fine seafood & other delicacies.



Meat experts
English speaking staff
Customized orders
Quick delivery


FRESH Beef, veal & pork -NOT DEFROSTED
Top-notch suppliers
Best cuts maximizing tenderness
We have implemented strict Hygiene processes that are based on the German and Swiss standards. We take great pride in making hygiene the foundation of your great meat experience.


Sausages, Roasts, Ham, Meatloaf…
Award winning recipes
Prime meat
No glutamate or additives


Our great Team is what sets us apart. At Swiss Butchery we are proud to be able to serve with a wealth of knowledge and passion for meat and cooking. It is the people behind the counter, in production and behind the desk that enable us to provide you with such great products and service.

Anthony Kuang – Assistant Store Manager

A native of shanghai, Anthony has lived in New Zealand for 10 years, and is in fact a true kiwi. Originally trained as a mechanical engineer, he gave in to his passion for food and started to be trained and work as a chef in New Zealand 5 years ago. Anthony ensures that not only our western but also our Chinese customers the  quality advise and service they deserve.

Francois Giussani -Head of operations

Francois has been a foodie, throughout his life. A native of southern Switzerland, he has an education as Chef as well as a degree in hospitality management. He has extensive international experience, ensuring that we deliver Swiss Quality outside of Switzerland.

Oliver Braun – General Manager

Oliver a native of Germany has live and studied in Switzerland for 10 years. A foodie for all his life, you can find Oliver usually in the office where he works behind the scenes and helps to enable our butchers and chefs to delight you in store and online. He is the mind behind our processes, supply chain that enable the rest of the Staff to focus on what they do best, delight our dear Gourmet customers.

Steve Cole – Head Butcher

Steve heads all things related to Butchering. Born in England. He ensures that our homemade sausages and homemade hams are the same great quality you have come to expect and ensures that all our staff know their cuts and knives skills inside out.


我们的使命 Swiss Butchery致力于带给中国消费者世界一流的肉食消费体验。我们不仅有多样化、高品质的新鲜肉食,还有自制香肠、火腿和动物肝酱。我们严把食品安全关,对于品质,我们永不妥协。

我们的原则 我们一直严格遵守瑞士标准,孜孜不倦地追求卓越品质。我们的四大工作原则是:卓越品质,一流客服,鲜美风味和无可挑剔的卫生条件。

我们的货源 我们从可持续发展的本地绿色农场和最有信誉度的澳大利亚屠宰场采购肉食产品,以保证完整的可追溯性产品供应链。

我们的技术 我们的瑞士主厨具备高超的技能和严谨的态度,把肉食加工当作一门艺术,以求尽善尽美。另外,我们店铺供应自制的美味香肠、烤牛肉、火腿奶酪炸猪排、肉饼以及更多其他源自瑞士获奖食谱的美味肉食。

我们的经验 我们立足于对瑞士百年肉类加工工艺的传承并将此发扬光大。另外,我们还对消费者提供专业的美食烹饪指导,让每一种肉食恰到好处地发挥极致,给您的味蕾带来一场最佳的美食体验之旅。

我们不仅仅是一家肉食店 我们还提供意大利火腿,欧洲奶酪,进口海鲜和其他美食。

Swiss Butchery 员工
在Swiss Butchery,我们具有丰富业务知识和对烹饪充满热情的团队是我们的核心竞争力。
Francois瑞士籍,精通法语、英语、西班牙语及意大利语。他不仅拥有主厨、肉艺师以及酒店管理多重学位,而且还在世界上很多国家工作过。Francois常驻浦东碧云店,他将带领我们的工作团队将瑞士品质传递给Swiss Butchery的每一位顾客。

Anthony, 上海人,十年前移民新西兰。电机工程师出身的他,出于他对美食的热爱,在移民新西兰后,开始接受专业的厨艺培训,随后成为专业的厨师。他致力于将西方高品质产品和服务介绍给中国的顾客。

Steve出生于英国,在Swiss Butchery管理一切与肉艺相关的事务。他不仅确保我们的自制产品符合消费者的预期,还确保我们员工的食肉工艺符合我们一直秉承的高标准。

传承百年瑞士匠心,Swiss Butchery致力于带给中国消费者世界一流的肉食消费体验。我们从可持续发展的本地绿色农场和享有盛誉的澳大利亚屠宰场直接采购,以保证产品供应链的可追溯性。我们有专业的瑞士主厨、严格的卫生品控制度,另有多样化、高品质的新鲜肉食产品,这些都将为您带来不同凡响的美食体验之旅。